Day one…

I’ve arrived in Hong Kong after a very long day. An evening flight from Heathrow arrives late afternoon into Hong Kong so not had much chance to see anything yet. First thing I need to work on is how to sleep on aeroplanes as I have a lot of night flights to come!

Matt came to meet me at the airport, which was great and very welcome as it would certainly have been an adventure to get to Hong Kong Island by myself from the airport. 

I had a nap once we got to Lisa and Matt’s apartment, and then once Lisa got back from work, we’ve had a good catch-up. We worked out that it’s been over 5 years since we saw each other – not entirely sure where that time has gone!

We had a little walk around the waterfront tonight. I love looking at cityscapes at night – so pretty.

Now it’s time to attempt some more sleep before some sightseeing and fireworks tomorrow for New Year’s Eve.

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