I’ve had an action-packed 3 days in Hong Kong. Lisa and Matt have shown me most of the Trip Advisor top 10 things to do in Hong Kong, including:

The view from Victoria Peak  
Man Mo Temple 
Chi Lin Nunnery  
Nan Lian gardens

Hong Kong skyline at night   
The Big Buddha at Ngong Ping  
I also saw the Ladies Market, and some of the other street markets, ate Dim Sum and did a lot of walking.

Being here on New Year’s Eve also came with the added bonus of fireworks:  

Hong Kong was an interesting mix of ‘east meets west’. There were a lot of things that were very British, including this:  

but also a lot of things that remind you that you are experiencing a different culture.

I will definitely explore more of Asia in the future, but for now it’s onto Australia.

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